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  • 16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor
  • 16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor
16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor

16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor

Multi-window splicing processor
Dynamic image display device
Command and control conference solution
Pixel-level synchronization technology

Product Description:

16 Monitors HD Video Splicing Processor


The splicing processor is a high-performance, hardware-based image processing device utilizing FPGA architecture. It enables seamless multi-window splicing and roaming of dynamic images across multiple screens. With support for DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, YPbPR, CVBS, and IP inputs, each channel boasts a unique 6G bandwidth capacity. Built-in clock synchronization technology ensures pixel-level precision synchronization for flawless cross-screen splicing.

This versatile product supports complex video image processing such as superposition, roaming, and windowing, facilitating seamless integration of various high-definition digital/analog video signals. Compatible with narrow-edge LCD, DLP, LED, and other display terminals, it finds wide applications in command and control conferences across government, fire, public security, energy, transportation, electric power, military, and other industries.

◆ 2 PIP display modes, 4*4 monitors;
◆ AIAO(Any In Any Out) function allows for displaying any capturing picture in specific area on the screen;
◆ By hardware high speed switching:
No built-in operating system, adopting point-to-point serial bus unified switching architecture, fast startup speed, no crash of industrial computer equipment, hardware conflict, blue screen, computer virus.
◆ Flexible mosaic roaming display:
Support any input signal to cross-screen roaming across the wall, any window opening and scaling;
◆ Enter the OSD function:
The input supports OSD overlay, which can superimpose characters for each input signal, which is convenient for source management;
◆ 7 × 24 hours of continuous work:
Supporting 7×24 hours of continuous operation, it can adapt to the increasingly strict requirements of system performance in control room, dispatch center, monitoring center and other places;
◆ Standardized chassis design:
The equipment cabinet is designed in a standard 19-inch chassis that conforms to ANST/EIA RS-310-C/D. The installation process is simple and the fixing performance is stable.
◆Redundant power supply backup:
Equipped with dual power supply redundancy backup, power supply is automatically equalized, dual power supply can work at the same time, or can work alone; users can design two power supplies into main power supply and backup power supply according to need, connect to different power supply networks, once a certain power supply fails, then device will automatically enable another power supply to achieve uninterrupted operation of the device;
◆ High-speed backplane interconnection technology:
Each channel has a unique 6G bandwidth, and the backplane uses a 6G high-speed switching chip to realize high-capacity high-speed signal exchange;
◆ Flexible board selection:
   The input board can be selected according to the source DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, YPbPR, CVBS in any combination of two inputs in a card;
◆ Built-in clock synchronization processing technology:
   All signals on the input and output bus are processed synchronously with a unified clock, and the switching operation operates in the black field gap to ensure fast switching and continuity of the output, achieving a seamless switching effect;
◆Flexible board design:
The main modules such as input capture card, output card, switch card, control card, fan, and power supply are all plug-in cards. The flexible board design brings great convenience for future upgrades and expansions, as well as the daily maintenance of the equipment. It is not necessary to disassemble the chassis when replacing the faulty component, just remove the faulty module and replace it;
◆ VGA automatic adjustment:
Analog video will inevitably cause delays in RGB video and HV scan signals during transmission and processing. If the receiving device does not do any processing, it will easily cause the image to be left and right and up and down. The unique input VGA signal automatic adjustment technology automatically aligns RGB video and HV scan signals, completely solving such troubles.


Model series


Input signal(optional)


Input resolution

4k, 1080p,1024x768,commonly used resolutions

Output signal format


Output resolution

Up to 1920*1200/60HZ, 4k optional

System control software 

Special control software

Power Supply

Redundant power supply 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz

Working temperature


Working Humidity 


Case specification

3U/5U/11U/20U standard rack mount chassis

Serial Control Interface

RS-232,9-pin female, Type-D

Working time






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