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  • 8 screen with 4 roaming Windows PIP HD Video Splicing Processor
8 screen with 4 roaming Windows PIP HD Video Splicing Processor

8 screen with 4 roaming Windows PIP HD Video Splicing Processor

Multi-window splicing processor
Dynamic image display device
Command and control conference solution
Pixel-level synchronization technology

Product Description:

8 screen with 4 roaming Windows PIP HD Video Splicing Processor



A specialized hardware solution for intricate video processing, the HD-Video Controller Splicing Processor leverages FPGA architecture to manage multiple dynamic images on various screens. It facilitates multi-window splicing and roaming, with each channel boasting a unique 6G bandwidth for high-definition digital/analog signal handling.

HD-Video Controller Splicing Processor is a specialized hardware device designed for high-definition video processing and multi-screen display applications. Here's a breakdown of its features and capabilities:


  • Hardware-Based Image Processing: The splicing processor utilizes FPGA architecture for pure hardware-based image processing. This ensures efficient handling of multiple dynamic images on multiple screens.

  • Multi-Window Splicing and Roaming: It enables the display of multiple dynamic images across multiple screens, allowing for multi-window splicing and roaming.

  • Wide Range of Input Capabilities: The product supports various input interfaces including DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, YPbPR, CVBS, and IP access, providing versatility in connecting different types of video sources.

  • Pixel-Level Precision Synchronization: Built-in clock synchronization technology ensures precise synchronization of cross-screen splicing at the pixel level.

  • Support for Complex Video Processing: It supports complex video processing tasks such as superposition, roaming, windowing, etc., allowing for advanced manipulation of high-definition digital/analog video signals.

  • Compatibility with Various Display Terminals: The product is compatible with various display terminals including narrow-edge LCD, DLP, LED, etc., making it suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as government, fire, public security, energy, transportation, electric power, and military.

  • Multiple Display Modes: Offers 4 windows roaming PIP display modes, allowing for flexible arrangements such as 2x4 or 4x2 8 screens.

  • AIAO Functionality: Any In Any Out function enables displaying any captured picture in a specific area on the screen.

  • Hardware-Based Switching: Utilizes hardware high-speed switching with a point-to-point serial bus unified switching architecture, ensuring fast startup speed and reliability without issues like crashes, blue screens, or virus attacks.

  • Flexible Mosaic Roaming Display: Supports flexible mosaic roaming display across screens, allowing for any input signal to roam across the wall with window opening and scaling.

  • OSD Functionality: Supports On-Screen Display (OSD) overlay for convenient source management, allowing superimposing characters for each input signal.

  • Continuous Operation: Designed for 24/7 continuous operation, meeting the demanding requirements of control rooms, dispatch centers, monitoring centers, etc.

  • Standardized Chassis Design: The equipment cabinet conforms to ANST/EIA RS-310-C/D standards with a standard 19-inch chassis design, ensuring simple installation and stable performance.

  • Redundant Power Supply Backup: Equipped with dual power supply redundancy backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation in case of power supply failure.

  • High-Speed Backplane Interconnection: Utilizes high-speed backplane interconnection technology with each channel having a unique 6G bandwidth, ensuring high-capacity signal exchange.

  • Flexible Board Selection and Design: Allows for flexible board selection and design, with plug-in cards for various modules, facilitating future upgrades, expansions, and maintenance.

  • VGA Automatic Adjustment: Features VGA automatic adjustment technology to align RGB video and HV scan signals, eliminating image alignment issues caused by analog video transmission and processing delays.


Model series


Input signal(optional)


Input resolution

4k, 1080p,1024x768,commonly used resolutions

Output signal format


Output resolution

Up to 1920*1200/60HZ, 4k optional

System control software 

Special control software

Power Supply

Redundant power supply 110-220VAC, 50/60Hz

Working temperature


Working Humidity 


Case specification

3U/5U/11U/20U standard rack mount chassis

Serial Control Interface

RS-232,9-pin female, Type-D

Working time






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