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    Seamless switching of HD video

    release time:2016-04-19  viewed:3594次
    The advantage of the seamless matrix compared to the traditional matrix switcher is very obvious. HD hybrid card seamless matrix switcher, mainly 8 in 8 out, 16 in 16 out, 32 in 32 out, 72 in 72 out and so on! He supports HDMI, DVI, VGA, AV signal input and output, supports a variety of resolution transmission switching, what advantages does he have compared with traditional matrix switchers?
    1, seamless switching
    The biggest advantage of seamless matrix switcher is that the signal switching is not black screen, no flash screen, no blue screen, no jitter, giving you high-end visual enjoyment.
    2, the resolution can be adjusted
    The Amtune seamless matrix output can be fixed in resolution, and the resolution of each port can be set differently. This is necessary. For example: the traditional matrix, in this case there will be big problems, such as the old VGA resolution of the output device is 1366 * 768, and now the new display device is 1920 * 1080, the traditional The matrix can only choose one of these two resolutions, only 1366*768 is selected, all input devices and output devices have become 1366*768 resolution, and the picture clarity and compatibility naturally deteriorate. .
    3, each output has independent audio
    Amtune matrix switcher has a separate audio interface for each port input and each output port. It avoids the engineering problems of traditional matrix output audio to mixer power amplifier. This phenomenon makes us project more. convenient.
    4, integrated into the stitching technology
    The seamless matrix introduces splicing technology and can be optionally equipped with support for TV wall splicing, character overlay, volume control and other user-friendly high-performance configurations. This is not possible with traditional matrix switchers.

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