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    HDMI 4k HD-DTS Dolby Master Pre AMP decoder 7.1 channels

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    HDMI 4k HD-DTS Dolby Master Pre AMP decoder 7.1 channels

    Brief Introduction



    7.1-HD decoding platform includes 5 into 2 out of the HDMI board and dual DSP audio decoding board. HDMI card which supports the highest resolution 4K input and output, support for 3D features, support for OSD output and support for matrix video output. Dual DSP audio processing board supports up to 192kHz sampling rate Dolby True HD 7.1 and DTS-Master HD 7.1 audio decoding processing.

    HDMI board Features:
    1, up to HDCP 1.4 version
    2, HDMI input interface: 5
    3, HDMI output interface: 2, support for matrix output
    4, support for 3D video input and output
    5, support ARC audio return function
    6, support CEC function
    7, up to 48-bit Deep Color input and output
    8, support for OSD output display
    9, HDMI input and output maximum resolution support 4K, a minimum of 480i
    10, digital audio separation function, support for 8-channel IIS audio signal and 6-channel SPDIF audio signal output

    HDMI board terminal interface
    HDMI input: 5 ports
    HDMI output: 2 ports

    Decoding board Features:
    1, support the most advanced HD audio decoding, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Master, DTS HI RES and so on. Compatible with SD audio decoding, support Dolby Digital (EX), DTS, DTS ES (D6.1, M6.1), DTS 96/24, to 192K 7.1CH PCM. And has a perfect matrix decoding: Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS Neo: 6 and so on.
    2, it has a strong bass management: front, center, surround, rear, subwoofer independent adjustment filter inflection point, slope, bass enhancement and so on.
    3, each channel has 11 parameters equalizer, user can easy EQ adjustment of each channel.
    4, each channel up to 100ms delay independent adjustment
    5, Supports 2 groups 8 channel I2S output
    6, D / A conversion 7.1 differential signal output
    7, support for 4 groups of Spdif input
    8, support for a group of analog stereo differential input
    9, reserved for up to 18 I / O ports, including 2 UART interfaces to facilitate the expansion of peripheral functions and support for serial port upgrade.

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