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    VGA CVBS S-Video to HDMI VGA stereo converter

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    VGA CVBS S-Video to HDMI VGA stereo converter

    Brief Introduction

    CVBS+S-video+VGA+Stereo to HDMI signal converter which will convert S-Video/CVBS video/VGA signal and R/L audio signal to HDMI / VGA signal and stereo. It offers solutions for digital entertainment center, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector factory, noise space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.



    • Install in seconds, no need of setting.
    • Auto detect the input resolution, no need of setting.
    • Supports convert VGA and R/L audio into complete HDMI and                           stereo audio.
    • Supports convert CVBS video and R/L audio into complete HDMI and                       stereo audio.
    • Supports convert S-video video and R/L audio into complete HDMI and                   stereo audio.
    • Supports highest video resolution up to 1080p
    • Supports 165MHz/1.65Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) bandwidth.
    • Supports 8bit per channel (24bit all channel) deep color.
    • Supports OSD( On Screen Display ) menu operation.



    Signal Inputs/Output


    Input Video Signal

    0.5-1.0 volts p-p

    Input DDC Signal

    5 volts p-p (TTL)

    Input Video / Resolution


    NTSC / PAL


    NTSC / PAL

    Output Video / Resolution


    480i / 576i / 1080i/1080P

    Operating Frequency


    Vertical Frequency Range


    Video Amplifier Bandwidth




    Size( L x W x H )

    110 x 80 x 27 mm


    225 g



    Limited Warranty

    1 Year Parts and Labor



    Operating Temperature

    0 ℃ to +70℃

    Operating Humidity

    10% to 85 % RH (no condensation)

    Storage Temperature

    -10℃ to +80℃

    Storage Humidity

    5% to 95 % RH (no condensation)

    Power Requirement


    External Power Supply

    5V DC@1A

    Power consumption (Max)


    Regulatory Approvals


    Converter Unit


    Power Supply


    Accessories Adapter


    AC Power Adapter

    US standard, UK standard and so on

    User Manual

    English Version


    Operation Control and Functions

    • OSD menu operation
    • Contrast. ( Adjust the black/white level of video)
    • Brightness. (Adjust the blank/white balance of video)
    • Saturation. (Adjust the color of video)
    • Hue. (Adjust the color of video)
    • Sharpness. (Adjust the sharpness of video)
    • SET UP
    • Input Source.     (Choose the input video source)
    • VGA              (Set VGA interface as the input video source)
    • CVBS            (Set CVBS interface as the input video source)              *1
    • S-VIDEO       (Set S-video interface as the input video source)   *1
    • Out Resolut.                     (Choose the output video resolution)
    • In Resolut.                 (Set input resolution as output resolution) *2
    • HD(720p)60 / 50              (Set output resolution to 720P60 / 50)
    • HD(1080i)60 / 50       (Set output resolution to 1080I60 / 50)
    • HD(1080p)60 / 50     (Set output resolution to 1080P60 / 50)
    • Out Pattern.                     (Choose the test pattern)
    • DISABLE                     (Disable the test pattern function)
    • WHITE                        (Choose the white test pattern)
    • CROSS                        (Choose the cross test pattern)
    • HATCH                       (Choose the hatch test pattern)
    • COLOR                        (Choose the color test pattern)
    • GRAY                          (Choose the16-level gray test pattern)
    • H RAMP                     (Choose the white area test pattern)
    • WH RAMP                 (Choose the horizontal gray ramp pattern)
    • WV RAMP                  (Choose the horizontal gray gradual pattern)
    • DIAGONAL                 (Choose the vertical gray gradual pattern)
    • Aspect Ratio.                   (Choose the video ratio:)                           *3
    • 4:3                            (Set the video ratio to 4 : 3)
    • 16:9                          (Set the video ratio to 16 : 9)
    • Zoom Level.                     (Choose the zoom out level)
    • OFF                             (Disable zoom out function)
    • 1 / 2 / 3 / 4                 (Set the zoom out level, the range is 1 to 4)
    • In-sync Info.                     (The information of input source)


    *1. Both CVBS and S-Video could not input at the same time.
    *2. This function will not be saved when operat it, it will be default value when the              machine reset.

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