Amtune Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing and offering HD Video&audio devices manufacturing solution in china. Amtune possesses a number of professional and technical personnel, equipped with the most advanced international production and testing equipment, with the ISO 9001 quality system standards in the implementation of a comprehensive quality control, throughout the country to establish a good brand reputation.
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    Address:Building A&B No. 6 Xiacun First Industrial Area Gongming Town Guangming District Shenzhen City, China
    Tel: +86-755-8427-8955
    Website: http://www.amtune.com
    Seamless Hybrid Matrix
    HDMI Seamless Matrix
    DVI Seamless Matrix
    HD-SDI Seamless Matrix
    Hybrid Seamless Matrix
    HD Multi-Viewer
    4 Channels Multi-Viewer
    8 Channels HD Multi-Viewer
    16 Channels HD Multi-Viewer
    Video Processor
    2 Windows Roaming
    4 Windows Roaming
    Catx Extender
    Ultra-HD Uncompressed Extender
    H.264 H.264 HD-Video Extender
    HD-Video Extender with KVM
    Fiber Optic Extender
    Splitter & Switch
    Audio Decoder
    Wireless HD Video Extender
    Thermal imaging Camera for COVID-19
    Hisilicon 9 channels 16 channels Multiplex viewer streaming encoder decoder
    Hisilicon 9 channels ...
    Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
    Infrared Thermal Imag...
    Ultra HD 4kx2k 30Hz HDMI Fiber optic extender
    Ultra HD 4kx2k 30Hz H...
    8 in one multi-viewer HDMI 4K
    8 in one multi-viewer...
    4K HDMI Quad Multi-viewer
    4K HDMI Quad Multi-vi...
    HDMI 4kx2k switch 3D
    HDMI 4kx2k switch 3D
    Ultra-HD 4k 3x1 HDMI switch
    Ultra-HD 4k 3x1 HDMI ...
    Ultra HD 4k HDMI switch bidirectional 2x1 1x2
    Ultra HD 4k HDMI swit...
    HDMI 4k Ultra-HD 1x16 splitter switch 3D
    HDMI 4k Ultra-HD 1x16...
    HDMI 4K Fiber Optic Extender with RS232
    HDMI 4K Fiber Optic E...
    DVI Seamless Matrix switch 64x32
    DVI Seamless Matrix s...
    72x72 HDMI DVI SDI HDBaseT Fiber Hybrid Seamless Matrix switch
    72x72 HDMI DVI SDI HD...
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    Amtune technology is a modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of high-definition video and audio processing and transmission equipment. Since its establishment, the company has taken the law-based integrity as the foundation, the theme of sustainable development as the core, the high efficiency as the core, the safety production as the basis, and actively adapt to the changes in the global market, in order to seek long-term development of the company and maintain the production development, the workforce, The order of management is stable. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of quality first, price concessions, on-time delivery and good service. With high-quality products and services, we strive to achieve the leading position in the same industry, and sincerely cooperate with new and old customers to create a bright future.
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