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    Amtune Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing and offering HD Video&audio devices manufacturing solution in china. Amtune possesses a number of professional and technical personnel, equipped with the most advanced international production and testing equipment, with the ISO 9001 quality system standards in the implementation of a comprehensive quality control, throughout the country to establish a good brand reputation.
    Amtune relied on their own research and development capabilities, high quality and excellent customer service. What we are selling is not only the products, but also the customer service! Our clients are from all over the world, e.g. North of America, European, West Indies, Asia etc.
    Our company have got the International ISO9001 Certification and all products have computerized QA systems strictly to all European and American testing standards such as CE , FCC and ROHS etc.
    Amtune devotes for a long time to the digital technology product research & development, spent numbers to construct own industrial base so owned main establishment, such as . SMT production, the automated personal computing and the digital product work assembly line as well as the detection equipment, Same time we work with the most famous moulding and plastic injection partners in China.Nowdays along with the distribution unceasing day by day ,then the new large-scale workshop will be built before long.
    Our value proposition
    1、Providing our customers with not only competitive prices but also with reliable and innovative products. 
    2、Stressing the importance of customer service - sales and after sale service with great care and guarantee that we meet the customers’ needs in every aspect. 
    3、Insuring Quality Control on production lines and final inspection before shipment by our experienced European staff. 
    4、Building a reliable distribution network throughout the world, emphasizing local support and respect of distributor's territories.
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